Dizzy Pig Shakin’ the Tree Lemon Pepper Seasoning


Small-batch craft lemon pepper that surpasses all others. Brighten any dish with infusions of lemon peel and coriander.

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The name sums it up nicely. Shakin’ the Tree Lemon Pepper Seasoning is Dizzy Pig’s answer to foods that need that fresh zingy flavor. This seasoning blend is for cooks who want to get it without squeezing three pounds of lemons to do so.

Shakin’ the Tree brings you the true, tangy flavor of citrus – courtesy of real lemon zest rather than the boring, standard dehydrated juice so common today. If you’ve been looking for a gourmet lemon pepper rub, you now have a kitchen soulmate for life.

Sharp and citrussy, Shakin’ the Tree is balanced enough to complement milder cuts of meat, such as chicken, scallops, pork tenderloin, shrimp and fish. And it is flavorful enough to dress up asparagus and broccoli in high style. With bright lemon notes and coriander goodness, and a flavor profile designed to appeal to almost everyone, this lemon pepper seasoning is simply too versatile NOT to have in your pantry.

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