Serve the Best Barbecue on Your Block

Need new outdoor cooking ideas? Still hunting for that perfect sauce or rub? Looking for expert advice on cooking a cut that's giving you trouble? You'll know you've come to the right place the moment you step through our door.

Find flavors you never knew existed in our rub and sauce room. Go hands-on with smokers and grills from leading brands on our showroom floor. And pick the brains of our grizzled barbecue experts for answers to your thorniest barbecue questions. 

Whatever your goal or your budget, we're here to help you cook the best food of your life at a price you can afford.

Featured Products

Whether you want a gourmet charcoal cooking experience or a budget cooker to automate dinner while you're busy with other things, you can find your grill here.

The Big Green Egg is a fashionable choice for foodies. It looks stunning, and it's so versatile you can grill, smoke, roast, and bake all on one grill.

Want a dependable, affordable pellet grill you can monitor from your phone? The Green Mountain Grill could be the perfect choice.

What Customers Are Saying

Great staff and very knowledgeable. All kinds of selections when it comes to bbq sauces, rubs, injections and marinades. Charcoal, cookbooks and smokers are also available.

Aaron Gardner // Google review

I love the energy from these guys and how passionate they are to share their craft with you both in the boot camps and in store, whether you're at buying a grill, a couple bottles of sauce, or just looking, they're excited that you're out there making great BBQ and happy to help you on your journey. 

Michael S // Google review

Mason Dixon Bbq is a great place to go for your bbq needs being grills, smokers, grill utensils, wood, and spices and sauces. They have an array of products in the space they are in so don't be fooled. The spices and sauces I purchase from here always give my food that special pop.

Jesse Gray // Google review

 Our Stores

Shop for barbecue equipment and supplies at our two stores dedicated to outdoor cooking. 

Greencastle, PA Store

Frederick, MD Store

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