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What Customers Are Saying

Very helpful and knowledgeable on the smokers they sell.

Lucinda Grove // Google review

They have a very nice rub and sauce room... Staff was friendly and made sure every visitor was taken care of and helped. I wish we had a store like this in VA. This is an amazing establishment!

James Whiteside // Google review

Truly the best place ever for all of your outdoor cooking needs. Very knowledgeable, professional, and polite staff.

Elizabeth Sanford // Google review

Our Story

Eric Forrester opened Mason Dixon BBQ Services in 2009 with a vision of helping people experience the essence of authentic barbecue. 

In 2007 Eric left his career in barbecue grill manufacturing to start his own government contracting business. This new business was successful right out of the gate, but Eric was itching for something to do besides sitting at a desk, reading and signing contracts all day long.

Thankfully, the business accommodated a side hustle, so Eric and his wife took the opportunity to open a few Red Lobster and Olive Garden restaurants under General Mills. Eric really enjoyed working in the food industry and liked the idea of teaching people how to cook. Before long, a plan evolved to open a barbecue equipment store in 2009.

Today Mason Dixon BBQ Services is known for the hands-on barbecue classes that we host here at our store in Greencastle, Pennsylvania and a large selection of quality barbecue equipment and supplies in both of our retail stores: 

  • Grills and smokers for backyarders, competitors, and even commercial users, such as caterers, chefs, distilleries, and breweries. Our customers love the fact that our salespeople actually know how to use the cookers they sell unlike the big box stores who are just interested in selling you their products. Our pitmasters can answer your questions about our equipment from personal experience and even tell you how to cook on them!
  • Barbecue accessories and supplies, including quality fuels (wood, charcoal, and pellets) and more than 400 rubs and sauces. Many of these rubs and sauces have won awards on the professional barbecue competition circuit.

If you've never visited us before, we invite you to stop in sometime and "chat BBQ" with us. Our expert pitmasters can guide you to the perfect flavor profile you're looking for and help you crank out tender, juicy, and mouth-watering barbecue!

What Makes Us Tick

While we enjoy selling equipment and supplies to the barbecue community, what really motivates us is teaching people how to cook and the friendships that we're able to build. What more can we say? We love our barbecue family!

2022 Open House

Our favorite part of this business is hosting our annual open house and competition and also our barbecue boot camps, a series of hands-on barbecue classes we host every summer where students learn how to cook briskets, pulled pork, ribs, chicken, and more in a group setting.

Why We Aren't Normal

We aren't a giant store with a tiny barbecue section and a bunch of employees who've never cooked. Here at Mason Dixon BBQ Services you'll find old-school service paired with years of experience and reliable advice. 

One thing that sets us apart is that we actually use these cookers, seasonings, and supplies frequently. This gives us the knowledge to accurately evaluate your needs as a family, caterer, or restaurant and give you recommendations for what will bring you the maximum amount of success and satisfaction.

Eric—Owner and founder of Mason Dixon BBQ Services

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Shop for barbecue equipment and supplies at our two stores dedicated to outdoor cooking. 

Greencastle, PA Store

Frederick, MD Store

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