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Handmade Smokers and Grills Built in Lancaster, PA

Meadow Creek is a local, family-owned business that values honesty, fairness, and diligence. When you invest in Meadow Creek equipment, you can have the satisfaction of knowing that your money is supporting skilled craftsmen and their families right here in the USA.

New: Tank Smoker Gas Assist

Gas assist is an add-on for tank smokers that helps maintain a consistent temperature and makes smoking easier. It's a game changer for those who struggle with temperature control and want more precision in their smoking process. Watch our video above for a full introduction to this brand new option for 2023.

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Why We Aren't Normal

We aren't a giant store with a tiny barbecue section and a bunch of employees who've never cooked. Here at Mason Dixon BBQ Services you'll find old-school service paired with years of experience and reliable advice. 

One thing that sets us apart is that we actually use these cookers, seasonings, and supplies frequently. This gives us the knowledge to accurately evaluate your needs as a family, caterer, or restaurant and give you recommendations for what will bring you the maximum amount of success and satisfaction.

Eric—Owner and founder of Mason Dixon BBQ Services

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Handmade with Outstanding Design and Versatility

Is Your Grill or Smoker Made With This?

Meadow Creek Welding Documentary

Meadow Creek Smokers and Grills in Action

How to Smoke Baby Back Ribs on the Meadow Creek BBQ42

Overnight Pork Butt Cook on the Meadow Creek BX25

Tomahawk Steaks, Beef Short Ribs, and More on the Meadow Creek TS250 Tank Smoker

27 Racks of Ribs on a Meadow Creek PR60T Pig Roaster

Meadow Creek BBQ26S Chicken Cooker

How to Smoke Pork Loin on a Meadow Creek PR60T

Prime Briskets on a Meadow Creek BX25 Smoker

Overnight Pork Butt Cook on the Meadow Creek BX25

Smart Reasons to Choose a Meadow Creek

  • Integrity: Meadow Creek cookers are made in a culture of Godly ethics—honesty, diligence, and fairness. Whether it’s a Shoo-fly pie or a barbecue smoker, you will be treated right.
  • Stainless Steel Grates: Every Meadow Creek barbecue cooker comes standard with non-rusting stainless steel grates. This eliminates the hassle of scrubbing rust and the danger of possible rust contamination on your meat.
  • Awesomeness: Meadow Creek barbecue cookers are designed by barbecue experts and hand-made in the USA by talented welders and craftsmen. Every unit features outstanding workmanship to give you an amazing barbecue experience.
  • Value: Apples to apples, these Meadow Creek cookers give you outstanding value for the price.
  • Rock Solid Construction: These cookers are commercial grade and heavy duty for many years of dependable catering, competing, and backyard cookouts.
  • Unique: Designs and features, such as double-sided grates and stainless steel grates, that are unique to other cookers on the commercial market.
  • Trailer License: Meadow Creek Welding is a licensed and nationally-recognized trailer manufacturer, so you will have all the documents you need to get your BBQ trailer license.
  • The Whole Works: Meadow Creek offers pig roasters, chicken cookers, barbecue smokers, grills, and sinks to serve a wide market, from commercial to backyard use in both roll-around and trailer models.
  • Options: Meadow Creek offers a variety of customization. Contact us for a quote on a custom BBQ trailer. We'll gladly answer your questions and look forward to serving your outdoor cooking needs.

Ready to get serious about your cooking?

Our experienced staff is ready to help you choose a smoker or grill that you can feel good about.

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