Big Poppa’s Happy Ending Finishing Dust Seasoning


Hit your meats with Happy Ending Finishing Dust for a powerful boost of flavor at the end of the cook. No extra cooking time needed. Consider this finishing rub your secret weapon.

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Every good BBQ recipe needs a happy ending. That’s where our Happy Ending finishing dust comes in. Hit your sliced meat with a shake of Happy Ending after your meat has come out of the smoker. Happy Ending is a blend of spices with salt and pepper that really wakes up your meat at the end of your cook.

Happy Ending Rub is considered to be a secret weapon by many top BBQ cooks, and is more like a dust than an actual BBQ rub. This finishing dust pairs great with beef, pork, and chicken. Sprinkle Happy Ending lightly over your rested, sliced, pulled, or chopped meat for an extra kick of flavor.

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