Team Registration

for the 2023 Ironman BBQ Competition on April 8

Get ready for IRONMAN, the ultimate test of your pit master skills!

The IRONMAN format is voluntary, with lower fees and higher payouts. But if you commit to doing the IRONMAN format, you must follow IRONMAN rules or risk disqualification.

Cost of Entry

Entry fee is $600.00 per team. Teams that participate in the IRONMAN format get $400.00 off the entry price for a base entry fee of $200.00. 

Want to Attend Without Cooking? 

This event is FREE to the public. Watch as 42 teams compete for thousands of dollars in cash prizes and trophies. Whether as a competitor or as a spectator, we hope you come experience the great barbecue!

2023 Prize Payouts

KCBS Grand Champion: $750
Ironman Rules: 

KCBS Reserve Champion: $350
Ironman Rules: $500

The following prizes will be awarded in the KCBS categories for chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket:

KCBS 1st Place: $250
Ironman: $300

KCBS 2nd Place: $175
Ironman: $250

KCBS 3rd Place: $150
Ironman: $200

KCBS 4th Place: $100
Ironman: $150

KCBS 5th Place: $75
Ironman: $100

KCBS 6th Place: $0
Ironman: $75

Wing Thing Prize

$250 cash plus a bottle of great bourbon!

Summary of the IRONMAN Rules

  • NO electric equipment! This includes pellet grills, automatic draft controls, electric rotisseries, stay-in thermometers, electric marinate machines, or electric knives. (For food safety, Thermapen instant-read thermometers are the exception.)
  • You can cook and turn in only 7 pieces of chicken, 1 rack of pork ribs, 1 pork butt, and 1 beef brisket. We will check your cooler to ensure that is all the meat it contains. 
  • You can cook dinner, as long as it doesn't include chicken, pork ribs, pork butt, or brisket.
  • Equipment needed, such as tables, chairs, spices, cooking utensils, coolers, and grills, are the responsibility of your team.
  • Garnish and present however you wish, but it has to come from the allowed meat selection you cooked.
  • All teams are required to cook ten pounds of wings (provided by organizers) for the People's Choice wing competition. See below for details.

People's Choice Event: The Wing Thing

Benefiting the Exchange Club of Greencastle and required for all teams in the competition, the People's Choice contest will be judged by the public. Ten pounds of chicken wings, split and tipped, will be provided at no cost to each participating team on Friday, April 7th during the team captain meeting at 6 pm, along with a pan to hold your turn-in wings. 

Cook the wings any way you want; we only ask that you stick to the IRONMAN spirit and use charcoal or wood. You can fry them if you can get your oil hot enough over a wood or charcoal fire: it's often been done. 

Barbecued wings will be picked up from each team at 10:30–10:45am Saturday, April 8th to be submitted for People’s Choice judging using a double-blind format. At the end of the event, the IRONMAN People’s Choice winner will receive fantastic prizes, including cash!

Raising Money for Charity

All proceeds from the Wing Thing event will go to the Greencastle Exchange Club, and will support their efforts to promote Americanism, encourage community service, and develop youth programs that encourage pride in our country. We hope you'll join us in this fun event to support a great cause!

The IRONMAN Sweatshirts

Have that comfortable look, a perfect fit for winning the cook-offs.

Wear your IRONMAN Sweatshirt!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to do wings?

Yes. It supports charity and we provide the wings. See above.

Can we stay overnight until Sunday morning?

Absolutely! You can stay as long as you want, just let us know and please don’t leave a mess.

Can I cook 7 whole chickens for the chicken turn-in?

Absolutely, but you have to cook them whole. Then if you want to turn in set pieces, you have to trim them from the whole cooked birds. Good luck with that.

Will water be available?

Yes. We will have a sink set up and 3 water stations available.

Can I bring a generator?

Knowing the IRONMAN, I certainly would! You can use electric for anything except prepping, cooking, or turn-in. If it has to do with your cooker or your food, no electric!

Are you doing free pizza and beer on Friday night again this year?

Yep, we have free pizza and beer and Boat Drinks for all teams until we run out. We’ll also do steak tasting like we did last year. Everyone is encouraged to hang out and socialize.

Are you having an SCA Steak Cookoff on Friday again this year?

Absolutely! We'll be holding the grandfather of Mid-Atlantic/Northeast Region steak cookoffs, the 5th Annual “Raising the Steaks” Cookoff, on Friday, April 7th! And it's a double, so you can sign up for the early Steak A contest, the later Steak B contest, or both. It’s up to you!

For additional details or to register, go to

Any questions about competing? Contact us and we'll be happy to help!

IRONMAN Team Registration