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By Jim McFaul
October 23th, 2013

"Hi Eric,

I just got a call from my dad.  Thanks so much to you and your guys for everything!  Sounds like he was truly surprised and really appreciated the time your guys took with him today.  I wish I could be there for dinner tonight!  I would recommend you guys to anyone I know back in the area.  


Testimonial - Big Green Egg    

By Justin Dunlap
March 24th, 2013


Thanks so much for the great service on Saturday when we purchased our EGG.  I could not wait to get home to try it out.  Spices and sauce you gave us were awesome, just didn't use enough of the BBQ sauce but will know next time.  I stopped out Sunday night and put the blanket and the two ratchet straps in the back of the Mason-Dixon BBQ GMC parked out back.  Also, I just wouldn't have been me if I didn't try to make some ribs!  Attached you will find a photo of my first batch.  Moist and tender, as was the tenderloin I did as well.  I guess you could say it was egg-celent!  See you soon as I need to get some supplies for the next time.



Testimonial - FAB FREE

By Bob Bartosh
January 8th 2013



I got the package of FAB FREE during your open house the beginning of December.  I mixed it (sort of) per the package instructions (not as much liquid), and immediately injected it into a Pork Butt (ok, this is for a G rating audience).  It turned out really, really good.  For Christmas, I used it in a Brisket.  This time I used more liquid and let it sit in the fridge for three days before injecting the brisket.  Just to let you know it turned out FABulous.  The simple injections are good for quick, good smoking, but if you want smoking with really great taste, I highly recommend the FAB.  I will need to try the FAB-B and FAB-P also.

Thanks for the recommendation.

Bob Bartosh."


Testimonial - CHC Custom Lump Charcoal

By Dr. William Gift
Novembert 16th, 2012

"Good Morning Eric,

Thank you for your recent email and the attachments.  You certainly have an endorsement from me as regards to the hickory charcoal.  It lights easily, maintains consistent temperature, slightly sparks.  I used it last night in a mix with the regular charcoal and I glad that I did.  It provided just the right amount of smoke, taste, and even temperature.  I might even reduce the amount for a better effect and to suit taste, style, and bouquet.  My family liked it and I would purchase again.

Have a good day and stay in touch, Bill"


Testimonial - 270 Smoker

By Eric Lesnow (Middletown, MD)
October 14th 2012

"Did my first smoke with 3 racks of ribs. Damn, what a smoker!!!!! Picture shows what is left after 3.5 hours of smoking. Friggin amazing. Temp never varied more than  5 degrees. Temp Recovery time was within 5 minutes when main chamber was opened. Would recommend company make a mini charcoal basket for smaller smokes. I think beginners would do well buying this unit or similar unit."



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Testimonial - FAB B Injection

By Robert Angolia (Tappahannock, VA)
High On The Hog BBQ
May 3rd 2012

     I used the FAB B Injection I bought from you last week in my brisket I cooked on Saturday. Other then the not so pleasing smell after mixing the ingredients...It definitely Increased the natural meat flavor of the Brisket, and did not leave any "streak marks" from injecting. Per the directions after mixing the FAB it left me with about 1 cup left over which is now in the fridge, and about 1/2 the bag of unused FAB B. I look forward to trying FAB P on a pork butt within the next month or so.

Thank Again"

Testimonial - Sucklebusters Seasoning

By Adam Himmelwirght (Hagerstown MD)
May 2nd 2012

"Good morning Eric.

I was in a few weeks ago and you gave me a sample packet of suckle busters steak seasoning. I did try it this past weekend on NY strip. One word, “AMAZING”. I don’t try many steak specific seasonings. But this stuff was amazing! It tasted like a steak I would order at a steakhouse. Thank you so much for sharing that. Hopefully you’ll be stocking that soon so I can buy some.

I will be in soon to stock up on sauces and rubs. I have lists from co-workers who do not live nearby that want me to pick stuff up for them as well!

You also provided a recipe for a ham glaze over the winter. I have been sharing that with everyone I come in contact with. I will be doing another smoked ham over the summer.

Thanks again for sharing Eric!



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Thanks very much for your patience......