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An Unbeatable Legacy of Quality and Style

In 1952, Weber's founder George Stephen introduced a charcoal kettle grill that started a global outdoor cooking revolution. Weber’s innovative spirit and passion for creating a better grilling experience for people everywhere has led to some of the most iconic grills and smokers in the history of grilling.

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Why We Aren't Normal

We aren't a giant store with a tiny barbecue section and a bunch of employees who've never cooked. Here at Mason Dixon BBQ Services you'll find old-school service paired with years of experience and reliable advice. 

One thing that sets us apart is that we actually use these cookers, seasonings, and supplies frequently. This gives us the knowledge to accurately evaluate your needs as a family, caterer, or restaurant and give you recommendations for what will bring you the maximum amount of success and satisfaction.

Eric—Owner and founder of Mason Dixon BBQ Services

Weber Grills—A History Forged in Fire

The story of Weber is one of innovation, curiosity and the drive to make a better grill for everybody. So, relax, grab a burger and travel back almost 70 years to the moment that ignited a grilling revolution.

Born From a Buoy

It all started with a quest for a better steak. Back in the 1950s, brick fireplace barbecues were very popular, so a fellow by the name of George Stephen decided to build himself one. After he finished it, he invited his friends over for a barbecue. The steaks went up in flames. For George, the dinner was a disaster but it got him thinking — there had to be a better way.

The Original Grillmaster

Luckily, George’s day job was at Weber Brothers Metal Works where he spent his time welding half spheres together to make buoys. He knew his way around a metal shop and after the flop of the barbecue, it all clicked. He took one of the half spheres, put legs on it, punched holes in the bottom for air flow and put a lid on top. Voila, the iconic Weber kettle grill was born.

George’s first grill continued to evolve for years and Weber grew into the most trusted grilling name in the industry. All because of a few burnt steaks and one man who was willing to discover what’s possible.

Smoker Models We Stock

Weber Smokey Mountain

Available in 22.5 and 18 inch models, these compact upright smokers are the best in their class. While not outperforming larger more expensive smokers, they are still a solid upgrade from smoking in a kettle grill or standard charcoal grill.

Weber Original Premium

Loved by millions, the classic Weber Kettle has stood the test of time and is one of the best value charcoal grills available,.

Weber Performer Deluxe

This is a tricked out charcoal grill complete with a gas igniter, casters, charcoal storage, and more.

Weber Smokey Joe

This little grill is perfect for camping or taking to the park. No need to sacrifice great grilling when you're on-the-go.

Weber Summit Kamado

The ultimate Weber charcoal grill! This large, dual-walled charcoal grill is built for versatility, providing even cooking temps and convenient controls for an outstanding cook.

Recipes Cooked on Weber Smokers and Grills

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Melted Onions

Charcoal Grilled Prime Rib Roast

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Smoked Tri-Tip Recipe | Weber Kettle | Charlie Mckenna

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