2022 Bootcamps are sold out!

Thank you for all the interest this year! We are so excited to see you at the bootcamps this year and if you did not get a spot, we’ll have more on the calendar for next year.

About Our Bootcamps


Again this year we will be holding (10) BBQ Bootcamps over the Summer. Beginning in May and running through October, each Bootcamp will focus on a specific meat – Pork, Brisket, Ribs/Chicken, & Turkey. In addition to the main meat focus, Bootcampers will also be cooking breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks during the day.

Most classes are one day Saturday classes and will start around 6a-7a and will run through 4p-5p (BBQ is fickle and times vary!). Two classes – Pork/Whole Hog & the Low/Slow Brisket class will run overnight, starting at 5-6p on Friday and all night through Saturday morning around 11a – RV’s & tents are welcome, there is plenty of room, or you can recall your youth and stay up all night! WooHoo!

Unless otherwise notified at a later date, ALL BOOTCAMPS WILL TAKE PLACE AT OUR LOCATION IN GREENCASTLE, PA. Unfortunately due to new neighbors around our Frederick location and the limitations of our lease there, we won’t be able to host Bootcamps at that location. We are looking at other places that might work but, as of now, all classes will be in Greencastle. I apologize for any inconvenience!

BBQ Bootcamps include everything! You just have to bring yourself and a good attitude! If you don’t have a good attitude or you think you already know everything about BBQ, don’t come. Classes are a ton of fun and EVERYONE from the beginner to the caterer to the competition cook will learn something! Each class is taught by experienced Pro Competitors, Caterers, and Pitmasters – we don’t agree on anything! Which actually makes it more fun and informative for Bootcampers!! But we know a lot about BBQ!

Bootcampers will get to cook on 12 different types of grills/cookers – GMG Pellet cookers, Webers, Big Green Eggs for homeowners; Backwoods Smokers, 270 Smokers, for Competitors, and Meadow Creek units for caterers. If you have a cooker and want to bring it you can, but please call us prior to doing so.

Everyone always asks, so I’ll cover it here…beer is included with all classes, but getting drunk is not acceptable. We are working with fire and sharp knives and any indication of intoxication will put you in a “Bootcamp Time Out”…and yes, yes…there is such a thing! That being said, feel free to bring whatever you want and craft beers and cigars to share are normally appreciated!

So the beauty of having a Bootcamp Gift Certificate is that you now have a month to Register before we announce the dates to everyone! ONLY GIFT CERTIFICATE Recipients have these dates! Each class is limited to 20 Bootcampers, so get your registration in now! Once we announce the dates publicly, the classes fill up very quickly and it is first come – first served!

Fill out the Registration form online or download and return it back via fax or email. Once we receive the form we’ll send you a confirmation email so you know we received it and you are in the class. IF YOU DO NOT GET AN EMAIL CONFIRMATION – WE DID NOT GET YOUR REGISTRATION FORM! PLEASE GIVE US A CALL!

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