Suckle Busters Spicy Peach BBQ Sauce




Suckle Busters Spicy Peach BBQ sauce is made with real peaches. We use tree-ripened peaches as a base for this light-hearted sauce. It has a sweet, tangy and slightly smoky flavor with a slight touch of spicy heat. It is excellent on lighter meats like fish, chicken and pork. Several competition BBQ cooks use this sauce for glazing ribs before turn-in. The light sweetness of the peaches really comes through with a subtle, but great, sweet flavor. This sauce is sure to be your favorite. All natural – No Bad Stuff.Suckle Busters Spicy Peach BBQ Sauces (Mild, Sweet & Smoky) Yes, peaches make great BBQ Sauces! We emulsify peach halves for the base ingredient of this product, then add traditional BBQ seasonings. The results? Excellent, light and sweet BBQ Sauce! The sauce works well on fish, chicken & pork or as a finishing glaze in Ribs. It provides that; “something in here tastes great – I just can’t tell what it is” reaction. Winner of multiple People’s Choice Awards.

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Weight12 oz
Dimensions2 × 2 × 6 in