When considering which tank type smoker to purchase, make sure to do your homework. Compare the competition’s features with a Meadow Creek unit.
Included in all smokers built by Meadow Creek are a collection of the best features the industry has to offer. Many of the features that are standard in our smokers are either not available from our competitors or are only available as expensive upgrades.
Since 2005 the Meadow Creek TS Series smokers have performed beyond our expectations and we believe they are worthy of your consideration. Dare to compare!
Utilizing the path of least resistance, Meadow Creek® smokers employ the curved design of the tank end to provide a smooth, consistent draft and heat source.
Indirect heat from slowly burning wood or charcoal travels under the sealed drip pan. Smoke circulates around the meat for slow, even cooking. The drip pan can also be used as a water smoker with the drain spigot closed.

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Weight4000000 oz