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Three inches deeper to hold that full size steam pan. Deep enough to not have to trim your ribs and briskets. Heavier racks along with the new fire grate on rails introduced in our G2 Chubby and G2 Party. The bigger water pan and charcoal pan also give you a longer burn time before adding more water or charcoal.
Outside dimensions:
30″ deep plus 2 1/2″ for the thermometer and latches
55″ tall plus 3 1/2″ for stack
35″ wide
Cooking chamber dimensions:
23″ deep
33″ tall
20″ wide
Eight, 3″ apart
22 1/2″ deep
19 1/2″ wide
1/4″ Nickel plated round bar
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Weight6800 oz
Dimensions33 × 35 × 59 in