The extended party unit is a great mix of size and portability, giving you the option to use this cooker in competition, or for simple backyard smoking. It features a replaceable water pan for easy cleaning, as well as turning the smoker into a high capacity grill.

Outside dimensions:
27″ deep
48″ tall w/stack
20″ wide

Inside dimensions:
20″ deep
25″ tall cooking chamber
16″ wide

6 – 4″ apart
18 ½” deep
16 ½” wide

Standard features:
Removable water pan
1″ insulation

Cooking degrees: (approx) 200 to 250

Amount of Charcoal: (approx) 8 to 10 lb

Cooking time: (approx) 6 to 7 hours

Meat: (approx)
18 slabs of baby back ribs
12 slabs of st. louis style ribs
6 to 8 large briskets
8 to 10 boston butts
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