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2019 BBQ Bootcamps

Everyone asks what Bootcamp is all about, who should take it, and what will they learn? For me, the best thing that happens when someone asks, is when a customer who has taken a Bootcamp happens to be nearby. Within 30 seconds the veteran Bootcamper is in full info mode and is telling the newbie all about their experience! Bootcamp is about learning about BBQ - what is true, what is not true; how smokers work; learning about meat and where it comes from and how it cooks; learning about injections, rubs, sauces, charcoal, and wood. We started doing Bootcamps 8 years ago when customers were coming into the store and owned a smoker, but had no idea how to use it. I thought if I could teach people how to BBQ properly, that could be nothing but good for my business and for BBQ. Man, was I right! Every one 20 of the folks that took that first Bootcamp have since taken all the Bootcamps and some taken the same Bootcamp multiple times!

Limited to 20 participants and great for both men and women, Bootcamp is a "hands on" experience. If you don't want to get your hands dirty, then don't come to class. Assisted by Pitmasters who compete Professionally on the BBQ Circuit, you will learn all about how to inject meat, why to inject meat, how different types of smokers work in different ways (we cook on 12 different types of smokers), how there is no single right way to do things (we argue all the time), and how much fun BBQ can be! At the Pork Bootcamp, everyone will prep and smoke a Pork Butt and we do a whole hog that day as well. Same with the Brisket and the Ribs/Chicken, etc. In addition to the "target" meat at each camp, we also have Bootcampers cook their own breakfast, and lunch, and maybe a snack! Bootcampers learn not only how to use a smoker, but how best to use a smoker. They learn about draft and temperature control. About what types of smokers require what type of "babysitting" and the science behind each type of unit.

They will also learn about how much fun BBQ is. Bootcamp is a very bonding experience and campers develop great friendships. We have everyone work in teams and rotate folks around. A lot of husbands and wives have taken the classes, as well as, brothers, father/sons, and once we even had a family reunion at a Bootcamp. Folks have come from as far as Kansas and Texas to take a class, although most bootcampers are from within 100 miles of our location. Oh yeah, and if you were wondering, we eat and drink a lot!

For both beginners and for folks who have some smoking experience, BBQ Bootcamp will teach you something and make you a better BBQ'r! I can guarantee we'll make you better than your friends and the envy of your neighborhood!

Pork Bootcamp
2019 will be the Ultimate hands on pork Bootcamp expericence. Featuring Bone - In and Boneless Boston butts. (If you think those are hams from the Northeast, you really need this camp!), we will teach you the
ins and outs of prepping, injecting, seasoning, and slow cooking the perfect Pork. De-e-elicious! Again this year will be a Whole Hog Cook for everyone who has always wanted to cook a pig but never knew how! These are Friday evening 5:30p-9:30p prep, then stay overnight or come back in Saturday a.m. for wrapping, spraying, pulling and eating! WooHoo!

Brisket Bootcamp,
The meat that separates the Men from the Boys!
By far the hardest meat to Master when it comes to BBQ, Brisket Bootcamp will (hopefully) put you in
control of your Brisket. You’ll get the Whole Packer to start with and
then we’ll teach you about the Point and the Flat? About trimming the meat down, the Secret Injection X, Burnt Ends, and more! When this camp is over, you’ll be the Bull of the House! In my house it’s my Grandma – she cooks mean brisket! Offered as both a one day class and in a two day class to fit all schedules.

Ribs and Chicken Bootcamp
Our most popular Boot camp, especially with the Ladies! After all what’s hotter than a woman who can cook great Ribs?? Offered three times over the course of the summer! In this one day camp, we go over the differences between Baby Back and Spare Ribs. We’ll cut the Spares into St Louis style, then talk about the membrane, trimming, seasoning, and other secret, great rib stuff! Then we’ll show you how to make competition chicken – thighs all the way Baby! Two meats in one day – that’s how we roll! Sign up quick, this one fills up fast!

Turkey and Tailgate Bootcamp
BACK for 2019! We did it for the first time 4 years ago and it has become a HUUUUGE hit! And honestly, this is probably my favorite camp! So by popular demand - and just in time for Thanksgiving! – we’re again doing a Smoked Turkey class! Be the hero at your table with this delectable bird! And to keep things moving we’re (actually YOU!) are going to be Smoking and Grilling an additional 20-25 Tailgate dishes! Bring your appetites because there will be a lot of great food to eat! Oh yeah, and there’s beer! WooHoo!